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The History of Irish Wool & Weaving

Cream Braided Aran Knit Throw

Ireland has a long tradition of spinning and weaving wool, dating back to the early medieval period. Irish wool was known for its quality and softness, much sought after by weavers across Europe. Even today, weaving remains an important part of Irish culture, with many craftspeople reviving old techniques to create beautiful works of art […]

Irish Wool, Where It’s Made & What You Can Buy

Cream Braided Aran Knit Throw

Ireland conjures us pictures of lush, rolling hills covered in grazing sheep. Those pictures are accurate. The country’s sheep travel up to the beach on undulating green hills in certain places. When driving or hiking in the countryside, you can encounter a flock of sheep, yes sheep, blocking your way rather than a line of […]

Aran Sweaters History & Connection With Ireland

Original Aran sweater and fishermen sweater

Aran Islands are a group of three regions at the mouth of Galway Bay, off the west coast of Ireland. Here, the Islanders combined fishing and farming to make a living; fishing being the most prominent due to the infertile lands. The classic Irish Aran sweater was created in this environment and has since been handed […]

The Aran Islands – Everything You Need To Know

There are few places in the world today that can boast of pristine life like the three Aran islands. Learn more about these unsullied sites of Ireland’s cultural significance. When you imagine a place that embodies the rich Irish culture, customs and native way of life think of the Aran islands. The Aran islands comprise […]

Fisherman Sweater and The Aran Islands

Traditional Irish Fisherman Sweater Close up

Learn about the fascinating Fisherman sweater (Aran sweater) and its uniqueness to the Aran Islands in this article. The Aran Islands are undoubtedly among the most beautiful places on earth, but living there is challenging. Cultivating the unproductive land and particularly the sea provided a life for the inhabitants of Aran. For the people of […]


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