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The Guinness Storehouse

Nicknamed the 'Disneyland of Beer', the Guinness Storehouse is the visitor centre for the most famous brewery in the world. Founded by Arthur Guinness at the ramshackle site of the old St. James Gate Guinness Brewery in 1759, it has become one of the most well known and prosperous corporations in Ireland. The company is widely recognized for its production of a distinctive dark stout with a thick, creamy head. Although the Guinness factory is not open to visitors, the four story building next door, known as The Guinness Storehouse, contains a variety of visitor attractions, and is Dublin's most popular tourist attraction. 

The Guinness Hopstore

  • The Guinness Hopstore houses the World of Guinness Exhibition, the Cooperage Gallery, and the Gilroy Gallery.
  • The exhibits include interactive presentations that take the visitor through the process of brewing and bottling from start to finish.
  • Visitors come to understand the reasons for the unique appearance and taste of the Guinness product, from a Master Brewer.

The Cooperage Gallery

The Cooperage Gallery contains an interesting collection of tools used to build the storage casks formerly used in the brewery, and the Gilroy Gallery showcases examples of John Gilroy's innovative graphic design. 

World's Largest Stout Glass

The world's largest stout glass is also located on the premises, and stands over 200 feet high. If it were filled with Guinness beer, this amazing structure would contain 14.3 million pints. 

Spectacular Views of Dublin

The foamy head of the glass houses a restaurant and bar, providing visitors with spectacular views of the city of Dublin to enjoy while they drink their complimentary pint. 

Taster's Laboratory

A recent addition is the Taster's Laboratory, where visitors gain insight into the methodology of the professional tasters and get the opportunity to practice this coveted job. 

Warning: Queues

At certain times, particularly around spring (especially near St. Patrick's day) and summer months, queues for the Guinness Storehouse can form. You may be waiting in line for an hour or more just to get in. Is the Guinness Storehouse worth a wait of an hour? Perhaps not, but we have put together some tips on how to avoid waiting in line at Guinness.


Image by Corey Harmon


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