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County Cork

The County of Cork occupies the southern portion of Ireland. Cork City is second only to Dublin in population and also rivals Dublin as a centre for gourmet cuisine and wonderful fine dining establishments. The mild climate and beautiful coastline make outdoor activities enjoyable, from Mizen Head along the beaches and small port towns to the incredibly beautiful lakes and mountains.

Cork Highlights

  • History and tradition are particularly lively in this spirited part of Ireland, from the art and architecture in Cork City to the scenic grounds of Blarney Castle
  • The people who live and work in Cork city welcome guests with the finest hospitality and lodging
  • Fine dining is an important part of the Cork experience, with easy access to a plentiful supply of fish and seafood, nearby farms to supply potatoes and fresh vegetables, as well as dairy and meat, and a large number of locally trained chefs graduating from the renowned Ballymaloe Cooking School
  • Cork City offers the splendid architecture of St. Anne's Church and St. Finnbarr's Cathedral
  • Visitors can shop at the English Market and browse the works of area painters at Crawford Municipal Art Gallery before enjoying the medieval experience of Cork Vision Centre and Blarney Castle
  • The history of Irish emigration can be examined in detail at the port of Cobh, where the Queenstown Story at Cobh Heritage Centre provides a closer look into the experience that many emigrants shared
  • This port was also the last place where the Titanic docked before embarking on its first and last voyage in 1912.

Cork History

  • County Cork bears the nickname, "The Rebel County" and Cork City, "the Rebel City"
  • The moniker refers to the involvement of the citizenry in the War of Independence and the Irish Civil War in the period from 1919 to 1923
  • Irish patriot Michael Collins was born and assassinated within the boundaries of the county
  • There were many violent altercations during this period, including the Kilmichael Ambush and Crossbarry Ambush in 1920-21, respectively
  • Earlier history tells of the official creation of Cork in 1606.
  • The town was made up of lands formerly known as County Desmond, named after a powerful local clan

Cork Surnames

Popular surnames in County Cork include:

  • Callaghan
  • Fitzgerald
  • Murphy
  • Walsh
  • Connell
  • McCarthy
  • Sullivan


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