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Sligo County Museum and Library

Sligo Library is housed in a former Gothic Revival church, designed and built in 1851 by Belfast firm Lanyon, Lynn and Lanyon. Previously the home of Sligo's Independent Church, which had been founded by Scottish and English evangelicals, the building was converted to the Sligo Library in 1954. The adjoining minister's house, built in 1867, became the Sligo County Museum in 1955. 


The main attraction of this enjoyable museum of local history and art, is the Yeats Memorial Room. It displays many of the poet’s personal items, such as letters, photographs, and the flag used to cover his coffin when he was buried nearby at Drumcliff. Also proudly displayed here is Yeats’ Nobel Peace Price for Literature, awarded in 1923. The rest of the museum focuses on local archaeology and history, with items such as a fiddle used by Michael Coleman, the traditional Irish music star, and artwork by Jack Yeats on display in the adjoining church. 

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