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What is the Fishing like in Ireland?

The Short Answer

Ireland's offers some of the best fishing in the world. The abundant waterways of Ireland provide scenic and challenging venues for avid fisherman from all over the world on a year round basis. 

The Fisherman's Tips Answer

  • Consider booking a specialist Angling Bed and Breakfast for your group or family, or yourself, as the owners will have the local angling knowledge that will help you in your fishing adventure.
  • Many of these fine fishing-dedicated B&Bs are located very close to Ireland’s prime fishing lakes and rivers. You’re bound to enjoy the camaraderie of the other guests as well.
  • Licences and permits are required for certain fishing situations, such as when you fish for salmon. Be sure to tag and log your fish as required.
  • Be aware of ‘fly fishing only’ areas on rivers and estuaries. Obtain permits when fishing private venues as required, as your license does not allow you to automatically enter and fish without prior consent of the club or individual who owns the land used for access.
  • Follow the rules. There is a two rod limit for fresh water angling as well as a one fish limit before June 1.

The "Holy Mackerel!" Answer

Ireland's calm inland lakes, dramatic coastal waters and pristine, spring-fed rivers are home to a variety of popular game and sport fish. Local businesses are well prepared to meet every angler's needs, from chartered boats, tackle rental, and bait and license sales to warm and friendly accommodations with meals included. Anglers are lured to the region by notoriously strong and sly populations of salmon, brown trout and sea trout, which make for exciting sport fishing, especially in the clear Irish rivers. Coarse fishing is also very popular, and the lakes in Meath, Cavan and Westmeath counties are brimming with pike, trench, perch, carp, bream and rudd. Deep sea fishermen depart from Irish ports in pursuit of popular species such as tope, fighting flounder and different varieties of sea bass. They enjoy casting their lines into the waters that surround the sunken vessels off Ireland’s shores. Experienced anglers know that huge conger, link and Pollack line in wait below, and the lucky ones will return to shore with a trophy to be proud of. Where river meets the sea at Ireland’s estuaries, increasing numbers of anglers try their arms at salt water fly fishing as they enjoy the company of the abundant wildlife and the simple pleasure of being outdoors in this beautiful land.


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