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Torc Waterfall

Visitors enjoy the woodland flora and fauna that mark the way to Torc Waterfall, a majestic, 60 ft. high torrent of water plunging down the mountainside. The size of the waterfall and its intensity vary according to the weather and it is particularly powerful experience after a hard rain. 

How Torc Waterfall was formed

The legend of the waterfall’s creation is revealed in its name, which means ‘wild boar’ in Gaelic.  According to the widely repeated story, a young man was the victim of a strange curse that turned him into a wild boar that wandered the forests of Killarney at night. His secret was discovered and while trying to escape, he broke through the earth at the Devil’s Punchbowl, a lake at the top of the mountain, creating the space through which the waters of the Torc falls now tumble. 

Torc's Scenic Paths

The scenic paths to this rustic attraction make the journey as enjoyable as the destination itself. Several paths offer visitors a variety of options when exploring the site.  They may hike to the foot of the falls and then proceed to the top, where a breathtaking view of the valley awaits. Hikers of all skill and ability levels can access Torc Waterfall and enjoy its natural beauty and energy.


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