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Kyteler’s Inn, Kilkenny

Kyteler's Inn is a pub in the centre of Kilkenny that has been reconstructed from the remains of a 12th century Inn.


The medieval inn was home to Dame Alice de Kyteler, who outlived four husbands, and was accused of poisoning them. She was involved in the world's first ever witch hunt. Dame de Kyteler managed to avoid being burnt at the stake, but her servant Petronella did not. The Inn is famous for its connections with this story, and with its connections with the ghost of Kilkenney. Read more about the witch of Kilkenny. Today, the inn serves as a popular restaurant and pub, complete with a statue of Dame Alice on display in its cellar. 

Traditional Music

Today the Kyteler's Inn is popular with its live traditional music, which is held nightly. 

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