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What Should I Pack for a Trip to Ireland?

  • Ireland has a mild, damp, windy climate that does not reach extremes.
  • Winters are damp, windy and chilly, but usually without much ice or snow.
  • Summers are warm but not too hot, yet still quite damp and windy.
  • The west of Ireland is a little wetter and windier than the east.
  • Summer temperatures typically range between the low 60s and the low 80s Fahrenheit, or low 10s to mid 20s Celsius.
  • Winter temperatures range between just above freezing (rarely below) to highs of 40 or 50 degrees Fahrenheit, or around 10 degrees Celsius.

1. A Rain Coat

Ireland has a Faustian pact with rain.  The Emerald Isle's natural beauty owes much to its continual supply of water from above. But you won't care how counting the shades of green if your tee-shirt and shorts are soaked through in the middle of July! Whatever time of year you travel to Ireland, pack a waterproof coat that is comfortable and scrunches up easily. For popular visitor attractions like the Guinness Storehouse, you'll probably need a raincoat for waiting in line

2. A Sweater, Cardigan or Hoodie

Irish people say, "if you want to know what the weather is like, wait ten minutes". In other words, Irish weather can change quickly. No matter what the season, make sure you have removable layers, preferably with a zip for speed. Any good quality Irish sweater would do perfectly. 

3. Good Walking Shoes

No matter where you go in Ireland, you are going to be walking. A lot. Like most Europeans, Irish people would readily walk half an hour in a city to meet a friend for a coffee, for example. 

4. Hiking Boots

Okay, I know I said shoes already, but if you plan on getting out of the city, be aware that the majority of Ireland's hundreds of visitor attractions are located in remote areas. Ireland is, after all, one of the least densely populated countries in Europe. 

5. A Small Hair Brush

Brisk winds sweep in continually from the Atlantic, particularly near the coasts. You are going to look "windswept and interesting" in your Ireland photos! Pack a brush that fits in your day-to-day back. Yes, even the guys. See also: What is the weather be like in Ireland in March ... or July ... or December?


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