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Sligo Abbey

Built in 1253 by Maurice FitzGerald, Sligo abbey is the only remaining authentic medieval building in Sligo Town.

  • Originally housed Dominican monks, it was heavily damaged by fire in 1414.
  • The abbey was reconstructed afterward only to be destroyed again in 1642, by the army of Sir Fredrick Hamilton.
  • The Dominican Friars remained in the abbey until 1760, when they built to the Holy Cross Friary in Sligo's High Street, where they remain to this day.

Sligo Abbey Today

Internally decimated, the structure of the abbey has survived well, and today it provides an intriguing experience for visitors as they wind their way through the haunting remains.

They include 15th century cloister arches containing finely carved stonework, the ruins of the nave, aisle, transept and tower.

Also of interest are

  • the medieval rood screen
  • ornate high altar
  • the tomb of Cormac O’Crean
  • the chapter house

The abbey is open to the public for a fee (in the region of 3 or 4 euros per adult).


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