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The Hunt Museum

At the centre of Limerick City, inside the Old Customs House (1765), is the Hunt Museum -- a unique little museum.

Visitors can peruse the collection donated to the State by antique dealers John and Gertrude Hunt.

The collection is unique and varied, since it reflects the particular tastes of the Hunts, and does not follow any singular theme. 

Examples of What You Will See in the Hunt Museum

  • Many European and Irish paintings, including some by popular Irish artist Jack Yeats
  • A fascinating Celtic and medieval collection of metal works including, for example a disk shield from County Antrim (c750 B.C.)
  • A  display of early Chinese photography
  • A Pablo Picasso drawing
  • A small bronze horse that is quite likely the work of Leonardo DaVinci

Tip for Visitors

  • The Hunt museum is FREE on Sundays
  • Ask staff for help/information -- they are more than willing to help
  • The cafe/restaurant is quite good by museum restaurant standards

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The Hunt Museum

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