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Aran Sweaters and Ireland

Countless numbers have left the shores of Ireland over the centuries and they still continue to leave today.  Because of this history of emigration there are Irish communities all over the world. Leaving one’s homeland, family and friends can be one of the most difficult things a person can do. Many of the Irish emigrants had no choice and they simply had to make the hard decision to leave their native home and loved ones  in Ireland. Many never saw their homes again.

Aran Sweaters are part of Ireland's history. #Ireland #History

These emigrants would take with them keepsakes and reminders of home. They would pack away photographs, and other tokens in their suitcase as they prepared to travel far away from their native place. They wanted to bring with them something of home and Ireland. Many of these emigrants would have taken with then an Aran Sweater or an Aran Cardigan. These items of knitwear were not just pieces of clothing they were as dear to these emigrants as family photographs and souvenirs.

Aran Sweater and Cardigans were part of home. They were knitted by loving mothers, aunts and sisters. Many of the Aran Sweater had designs that were long connected with an emigrants native place and their family. When an emigrants packed away these sweaters and cardigans in their old suitcase or even just a bag as they prepared for a new life in the New World, they were not just bringing with them a piece of clothing they were bringing with them a piece of home and Ireland.

When these emigrants arrived in their new homes they would often wear their Aran Sweaters with pride on special occasions such as St Patrick’s Day. You see they were not only wearing a special piece of clothing, that was knitted with love, but when they were wearing an Aran Sweater they also felt closer to Ireland. When wearing these Sweaters, in America, Canada, Australia or anywhere the Irish made a new home for themselves they felt closer to home.

Aran Sweater are so much part of the land and heritage of Ireland. Aran Sweater are made from pure Irish wool, from sheep that are part of the Irish countryside. Aran Sweaters are made in the traditional way by skilled local craft persons. They are made in a traditional manner and with unique local designs. An Aran sweater  or cardigan is not just made in Ireland it is almost a piece of Ireland.

When you wear an Aran Sweater or Cardigan you too are closer to Ireland and you also have some of that Irish spirit of individuality, warmth and love of life.

A piece of Ireland's history with Aran Sweaters. #Ireland #History


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