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Aran Sweaters and Celtic Designs

There are many reasons to wear an Aran Sweater or Cardigan. They are made from the highest quality wool. They provide great warmth and comfort in any weather. They are easy to wear and comfortable. They are part of the heritage of Ireland. The Aran Sweater or Cardigan is a remarkable piece of knitwear for many reasons.

One of defining characteristics of the Aran Sweater or Cardigan are their distinctive designs. There is no doubting a piece of Aran Knitwear. An Aran Sweater or Cardigan is distinctive – and instantaneously recognisable. You don’t have to tell people that you are wearing an Aran rather they know it straight away.

That is because of the unique design and stitching of an Aran Sweater. The special patterns associated with an Aran Sweater include the diamonds, the cable, the blackberry and the zig-zag stitching. In every Aran Sweater or Cardigan they are knitted together in a unique and special way. In a real sense every Aran is different and has something special because of its individual stitching and design. Aran Sweaters and Cardigans have a unique and complex design and stitching but are always understated and never too much and never over the top.

The Irish have always loved elaborate designs and decorations. The Aran Islanders were no exception. This love of elaborate design and effects is a Celtic characteristic. The Celts were a race of warriors, poets and artists. The Celts were known for their love of ornamental decoration. Today the Celtic designs, the spirals are well known and admired to this day. In the elaborate design and patterns of the Aran Sweater and Cardigan there is an undeniable sense of this Celtic Heritage.

A page from the Book of Kells- one the great masterpieces of Celtic Art.

The Celtic love for ornamental design shows in our Aran Sweaters. #Ireland #History

Compare the special and highly intricate pattern on an Aran Sweater with those unforgettable Celtic designs. There is the same complex design and sophistication created by simple lines. Many have remarked upon similarities of the designs and stylised figures in Celtic Art and monuments and the designs of an Aran Sweater.

In no other country is the Celtic heritage as evident as in Ireland. No other place in the world could give us those beautiful designs and stitching on an Aran Sweater or Cardigan, only Ireland and that is because of its Celtic Heritage. The women who first knitted Aran Sweaters and Cardigans, it was natural that they used these Celtic inspired designs. They did not even have to think about – it was almost part of who they were. For the Irish are still inspired by their Celtic ancestors. This is part of the uniqueness of an Aran Sweater.

An Aran Sweater or Cardigan is not just designed and knitted. It is inspired. Inspired by the Celtic heritage of the Irish. That is why only Ireland and the Irish can produce such remarkable pieces of knitwear. Aran Sweaters and Cardigans are unique because they are part of an ancient tradition that stretches back into the mists of time.


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