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DIY Crown Bun Hair Tutorial

 DIY Crown Bun Tutorial #hair #bun

If you were to ever run into me this autumn, there's a good chance I will be rocking this look. Being a wedding photographer, I'm constantly needing to find a look that is professional meets comfortable, while still being wedding attire appropriate. What I love most about this style is I can rest assure my hair won't be getting in my way or being wind blow into my face without having to sacrifice style.

DIY Crown Bun Tutorial #hair #bun

Here's what you'll need for this hair tutorial: a hair brush, three hair bands, and 10 - 15 hair pins.

Beautiful DIY Crown Bun Hair Tutorial #hair #bun

Step One

Begin with your hair down. I've found that teasing the roots is best for this specific style. Since it is so busy at the base of your neck, the last thing you want is for the top to look flat.

Step One: DIY Crown Bun Tutorial #hair #bun #tutorial

Step Two

At the crown of your part, separate a small section.

Step Two: DIY Crown Bun Tutorial #hair #bun #tutorial

Step Three

Turn the section you just separated into a loose braid. Secure the end of the braid with a small, elastic hair band.

Step Three: DIY Crown Bun Tutorial #hair #bun #tutorial

Step Four

Repeat step one and two on the opposite side!

Step Four: DIY Crown Bun Tutorial #hair #bun #tutorial

Step Five & Six

Next, Take the remainder of your hair and create a low messy bun. For me, I find it best to first put all of my hair into a low ponytail. From there, I take small sections and pin them in various places until all my hair is pinned up. This creates a more full, messy look while still allowing me to have control while styling it.

Step Five: DIY Crown Bun Tutorial #hair #bun #tutorial

Step Six: DIY Crown Bun Tutorial #hair #bun #tutorial

Step Six: DIY Crown Bun Tutorial #hair #bun #tutorial

Step Seven

Take the braids you created early and criss cross them in the back of your head creating a braided crown, right above the bun. Pin the braids in place. Then, take the remainder of the braids and wrap them around the bun, hiding the hair bands at the end of the braids in the base of the bun.

Step Seven: DIY Crown Bun Tutorial #hair #bun #tutorial

Step Eight

All done! I always add a few extra pins throughout the bun and braids, just to make sure it's they are not going to come undone after a few hours. Top it off with a spritz of hairspray, and you're all ready to go!

Step Eight: DIY Crown Bun Tutorial #hair #bun #tutorial

DIY Crown Bun Tutorial: The Final Look #hair #bun #tutorial

Step by Step: DIY Crown Bun Tutorial #hair #bun #tutorial


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