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DIY Halloween Terrarium

Create something spooky this halloween with this terrarium! #halloween #DIY #decorations

When it comes to Halloween decorations, I’m not wild about the traditional orange and black color combination. Instead, I prefer to take a more subtle, nature-inspired approach.

This Halloween terrarium fits seamlessly with the rest of my home’s decor, while introducing a slightly creepy element that invites guests to lean in for a closer look!

A spooky terrarium that you can feast your eyes on. #halloween #DIY #decorations

I don’t live near the woods or have much of a garden, so I had to find all my greenery in the floral section of a local craft store. I was careful to search out the most realistic looking elements with a wild, scraggly flair. I wanted my terrarium to have a beautiful but dark and mysterious feel to it.

If you’re able to forage for natural supplies, you could also use live greenery and flowers to create this display - simply hide wet floral foam under the moss to hold the stems.

Finally, I found an old brass and glass light fixture at a secondhand shop to use as my container. I simply removed the hanging chain and electrical components and was left with the perfect geometric terrarium - it even has a little door!

Halloween is a great time for creativity. Learn to create a spooky terrarium. #halloween #DIY #decorations


  • Large glass jar or enclosure
  • Potting soil
  • Sheet moss
  • Assorted greenery: sticks, ferns, flowers, seed pods - you will want a mixture of textures and sizes, but a restrained and moody color palette.
  • Miniature plastic skeleton
  • Miniature plastic spiders

Step One

Start by adding a few inches of potting soil to the bottom of the terrarium.

Create your own spooky terrarium (Step 1). #halloween #DIY #decorations

Step Two

Add a layer of moss on top of the potting soil.

Create your own spooky terrarium (Step 2). #halloween #DIY #decorations

Step Three

The next layer inside the terrarium will be the largest natural elements. I began by trimming my branches and sticks down to size and planting them through the moss and into the dirt at the back of the terrarium.

Create your own spooky terrarium (Step 3). #halloween #DIY #decorations

Step Four

Fill in the back border of the terrarium with fern trimmings and other greenery, leaving the center portion bare.

Create your own spooky terrarium (Step 4). #halloween #DIY #decorations

Step Five

Place the skeleton in the terrarium and arrange as desired. Fill in around the skeleton with clippings from the flowers and seed pods or other natural elements. Finally, scatters a few spiders throughout the greenery.

Create your own spooky terrarium (Step 5). #halloween #DIY #decorations

Step Six

Once you’ve decided where to display your terrarium, you can arrange some leftover greenery around it - feel free to include a few more spiders escaping the enclosure as well!

Create your own spooky terrarium (Step 6). #halloween #DIY #decorations

Enjoy your eerie new Halloween display!

Create your own eerie halloween display in six easy steps. #halloween #DIY #decorations

Spooky and nature-friendly, this project will set your creativity ablaze! #halloween #DIY #decorations

Cheap and easy halloween project you can display all year round! #halloween #DIY #decorations

P.S. It looks especially striking at night if you place a bright light in front of the glass!

Even in the dark, this DIY halloween terrarium looks totally pleasing. #halloween #DIY #decorations

DIY Halloween Terrarium Tutorial #DIY #Halloween


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