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Simple Zombie Halloween Make Up

Create your own simple zombie look this Halloween. #halloween #makeup #beauty

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s hard to figure out what you want to be. I love Halloween but I don’t like the idea of having to rush out to get a last minute costume or buy extra make up just to complete my look so I created a very simple zombie Halloween make up look which is easy to do and only used make up I already owned. The only item I had to buy was the fake blood (entirely up to you whether or not you want to include that).

Step-by-step: Zombie #Halloween Make Up Tutorial #beauty #makeup

I’ve listed the items below but you can easily switch up this look to suit you.

  • Eye shadow – Black, White and Red
  • Lipstick – Red and Dark Red
  • Mascara
  • False Lashes (if desired)
  • Make Up Brushes
  • Fake Blood
  • Wipes or Cotton Buds (for any mistakes)

Starting off, I applied my base – Foundation, concealer, powder, contour and eyebrows and to prep my lips for lipstick, I applied some lip balm.

Create your own simple zombie look this Halloween (Step 1) #halloween #makeup #beauty

Moving onto the eyes, this is my favorite part of the whole look and something I wanted to make really stand out. As I don’t own red eye shadow I simply used red lipstick, it works just as well and saves you those extra pennies! I lightly dabbed the red lipstick all over the eyelids and up to the brow bone and taking a slightly more darker blood type looking lipstick apply this on top, remember to smudge/dab this all out so there are no harsh lines. 

Using a black eye shadow I lightly applied and smudged this on the outer lid, avoiding the center part of your eyelid as much as possible as this is where you want to apply a white eyes shadow or cream shadow to make the eyes really pop!

Create your own simple zombie look this Halloween (Step 2) #halloween #makeup #beauty

Next you want to run the black eye shadow along the lash line also, and using the darker red lipstick or eye shadow just below that. Then using a fluffy brush, lightly blend together and smoke it out. Curl your eye lashes and apply a thin layer of mascara – This is optional, if you want to really make your eyes stand out, apply false lashes and coat with a layer of mascara.

For the lips, I applied a dark red lipstick all over the lips and using a black eye shadow or lipstick on a fluffy brush again, lightly dab on the outer parts to create an ombré lip. You want to focus the black eye shadow only on the outer part, keeping the middle section still dark red.

Now onto the most exciting part, you’ll need a small lip brush or eyeliner brush and a dark red lipstick – Carefully draw some squiggly lines underneath your eyes and below your lips to create some veins. This does not have to be perfect in any way – I think the messier the better in all honesty.

Create your own simple zombie look this Halloween (Step 3) #halloween #makeup #beauty

Lastly, to finish the look, apply fake blood along the veins, drip the blood down the sides of your mouth and eyes and you’re all set!

Happy Halloween!

Finished Look: Simple Zombie Halloween Make Up. #halloween #makeup #beauty

Simple Zombie Halloween Make Up Tutorial #halloween #makeup


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