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5 Tips for Glowing Skin During Winter

With winter swing, say hello to crisp fresh mornings, pale winter hues and cosy jumpers - all very beautiful and idyllic, but unfortunately these result in a change to our skins condition. Signs to look out for? Dullness, redness and dry patches.

Got it? Yep, us too and we’ve got our top 5 tips to help rejuvenate your skin beautifully and keep it in tip top condition for the approaching party season.

Tip 1: Protect

Our main gripe with the colder months are the harsh weather conditions that come with it. Blistery wind and hard rain can take a toll on our precious skin so therefore, we recommend reaching for a cleanser or moisturiser that’s based with a protecting ingredient.

Our recommendation? Neal’s Yard Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm. A multi-purpose balm, based with beeswax, that will act as a barrier against harsh elements and protect your skin. Redness be-gone and get ready to welcome supple skin back in your life.

5 Tips for Glowing Skin During Winter - Wild Rose Cream #beauty #health #skincare

Tip 2: Nourish

It’s not all about skincare products when it comes to looking after your bodies largest organ this season. With the temperatures falling and the air conditioning on high, you can expect moisture loss which leads to dry patches and even sensitivity.

How to avoid this? Essential Fatty Acids. It’s something that our bodies don’t naturally produce, so incorporating them in your diet is key. Our favourite foods to look out for are Avocados, nuts, fish and coconut oil.

5 Tips for Glowing Skin During Winter - Avocados #beauty #health #skincare

Tip 3: Repair

At the end of the day, your skin will be tired and yearning to be nurtured so use an oil in your night time skincare routine - your skin will thank you later. We love African Botanics Marula Oil- it’s packed full of skin loving essential oils including Marula and Neroli which are high in Vitamin E to encourage the repairing process whilst you sleep.

Tip 4: Beauty Sleep

Never, ever underestimate the importance of a full nights sleep. Not only is it good for your mind and to help you feel more relaxed, but it’s essential to allow your skin to renew. If you’re finding it hard to drift off, infuse some relaxing essential oils 30 minutes before bed time to create a spa like environment.

How would you do that? We would recommend Ylang Ylang, Neroli and Frankincense in an electric diffuser or in a ceramic burner. Happy mind= happy skin.

5 Tips for Glowing Skin During Winter - Oils #beauty #health #skincare

Tip 5: Rejuvenate

Wave goodbye to dull, lifeless skin with a weekly exfoliation ritual. We love Alpha H Liquid Gold, use on a night time once a week before applying your facial oil to wipe away dead skin cells and reveal new skin by morning. This will also improve the texture of your skin and eliminate pesky dry patches."


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