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Albert Memorial Clock Tower

Described as a cross between Big Ben and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Belfast's Albert Memorial Clock Tower remains one of Belfast’s most recognized monuments. Constructed in 1869, the tower was named in honour of Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert. The tower is located at the intersection of Queen's Square and Victoria Street. It leans  four feet from the perpendicular due to being built on marshy, reclaimed land.

  • The tower is known locally as the "Wee Ben" and "The Leaning Tower of Belfast"
  • The base of the structure features some carvings of Neptune, Mercury and Britannia created by Thomas Fitzpatrick
  • Located close to Belfast docks, the tower was once notorious as a hang-out place for prostitutes, seeking to ply their trade with visiting sailors
In 2002, massive restoration works were undertaken to strengthen the foundations and prevent any further leaning. The interior of the tower is not open to the public. 

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Albert Clock Tower. Image: William Murphy


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