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Armagh Planetarium

The Armagh Planetarium showcases a wide range of exhibits and observation opportunities that combine to unravel some of the mysteries of the heavens and chronicle the history of modern space travel.

How It Works

  • Models, audiovisual shows and interactive computer displays employ the latest technology to bring the wonders of space travel to earthbound observers
  • The large white dome houses comfortable facilities where visitors to the planetarium can enjoy computer guided “star shows”
  • During these, the audience controls a variety of over 100 special effects and travel to the surfaces of other planets and celestial bodies in the universe
  • The shows utilize photos and information contributed by NASA and interested astronomers worldwide

Other Attractions and Features

  • Other attractions at the planetarium include the Hall of Astronomy, where hands on exhibits are available to help visitors explore additional realms of the cosmos
  • The outdoor, 30 acre Astropark features a model solar system, planet garden and outdoor auditorium, as well as a stone calendar
  • The Earthatorium explores our home planet by breaking it down into three sections and then closely examining its interior, surface, and atmosphere
  • At the Armagh Planetarium, renovations and continual technological improvements are being made, most notably to the Robinson Dome and its 1875 Grub Telescope, as well as some of the outdoor areas

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Armagh Planetarium. Image: Dave Gunn


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