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Brackagh Moss Bog / Nature Reserve

 A popular walking trail, nature lovers will be amazed at the unique wilderness of Brackagh Moss Nature Reserve in County Armagh. Also known as Brackagh Bog, turf had been cut for more this area for more than three centuries, although it is now derelict. These days, nearly all of the top turf is gone, exposing layers of ancient, dark peat. This create a labyrinth of streams and drainage ponds. Even more astounding is the variety of strange and rare plant and animal life that thrives here.

Variety of Flora and Fauna

  • The surrounding woodland areas are dense with willow and alder, and some of the remaining acidic areas contain sundew plants that feed on the insect population
  • Dragonflies are common here
  • In summer, over 17 species of butterflies have been sighted here, including the rare and beautiful green hairstreak butterflies and the marsh fritillary
  • In winter, rains flood much of the area and the ducks move in, along with occasional predators that follow
  • Some of the pools are occupied by resident pike, and mink and otters are sometimes seen on the shores and swimming in the shallow water


Dragonfly at Brackagh Moss. Image: Eskling


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