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Bushmills Village and Distillery

The attractive village of Bushmills is home to the oldest licensed distillery in the world. Bushmills is famous for its quality malt Irish whiskey, produced at the distillery - in picturesque, pagoda roofed buildings.


  • Documents reveal locals have been making whiskey for almost a thousand years
  • The town gets its name from the River Busch, a fast flowing stream that supplies waterpower to run the mills
  • Noted for trout and salmon, the river produced the electric power for the world’s first hydroelectric tramway

Did You Know?

  • A rare black label version of the Bushmills whiskey is sought after around the world
  • Local legend says the whiskey's exceptional flavour is because it is made using water from nearby St Columba’s stream

Things to Do

  • Take one of the frequent hour-long tours of the Bushmills Visitor's Centre
  • The tours progress from the mashing and fermentation rooms
  • Continue through the bottling and ageing warehouse and into the gift shop at the Visitor’s Centre
  • As the whiskey matures in wooden barrels, you can smell the evaporation from the seams, referred to as "the angels' share”
  • At the end of the tour, sample a complimentary shot of the ‘uische beatha’ meaning  water of life

Official Site

Bushmills Distillery


Bushmills Distillery. Image: PhotomagBen


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