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Cathedral of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven and St. Nicholas

 The largest catholic church in Galway, the cathedral is located on Nun's Island, on the west bank of the River Corrib near Salmon Weir Bridge. It was the last large church in Ireland to be made from stone, and features a huge octagonal dome that complements the skyline of the City of Galway.

The cathedral was designed by J.J. Robinson and combines many features from different styles and periods of architecture, such as its Romanesque nave arches, Spanish choir area, and Gothic windows. The ceiling is made with American wood from the Pacific Northwest, and the towers are often described as Renaissance in nature.

There are many treasures of art inside, including a mosaic of the crucifixion by Patrick Pollen, and a variety of intricate stained glass windows throughout the building. The outside features an extraordinary statue of the Blessed Virgin as well as bronze panels and handles that decorate the west door, created by artist Imogen Stuart. Also notable are the Stations of the Cross by Gabriel Hayes.

Dedicated to Boston's Cardinal Cushing, the cathedral is a treasure trove of modern church art. Combined with its unique, eclectic design, the atmosphere inside is warm and inviting. Bishop Michael Browne, who achieved his goal in building a church 'worthy of Galway'. Erected on the site of an old jail, the parking lot of the cathedral contains a white cross in the pavement. It marks the site of the prison graveyard.


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