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Corlea Trackway

 Near Kenagh in County Longford, excavators working in a bog discovered a series of aging oak planks in 1984.

Samples were taken to Queen’s University in Belfast, and testing determined that they dated back to the early Iron Age. The planks, when laid out, formed a track, or primitive road. As excavation progressed, a total of twenty additional oak tracks were discovered in the Bord na Mona bog during the ordinary cycle of peat milling.

The valuable planks are housed at the Trackway Exhibition Centre at Corlea. The building was erected in 1994 to protect and display these relics of early Irish civilization. It is an attractive, cross-shaped structure with several skylights. Inside, visitors can see the preserved and assembled section of the timber trackway that dates back to 148 BC.

They can also experience an audiovisual presentation about the trackway and see bog sculptures, other exhibits focusing on the boglands, and regional murals.


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