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Cornmill Heritage Centre

Located at the village of Coallisland, named for a time when the area prospered from extensive coal mining, this heritage and cultural centre is housed within a building that was once used as a corn mill. The mill was erected in 1907 and performed the daily functions of storage, milling and packaging the final product of processed corn until 1978, when it was closed and abandoned.

In 1990, it was renovated and now houses exhibits that give testament to the growth of the town of Coalisland, as well as its people and events.

Interpretative centres tell their story using audiovisual presentations, paintings and artifacts from the early Industrial Age. “The Coalisland Experience” chronicles the changes that took place as a result of industrialization using a variety of media. The top floor of the centre contains an audiovisual theatre where rare and interesting slides and videos are shown to visitors on a regular basis.

The Heritage Centre also hosts an annual summer Traditional Music Festival.

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