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County Armagh

Located in the province of Ulster, County Armagh is the smallest of the six counties that comprise Northern Ireland. It is sometimes called the Orchard County, in reference to the abundance of apples that grow in the fertile soil.

  • Mountains, rivers, lakes and islands can all be found in County Armagh
  • The River Bann flows into Lough Neagh, where Coney Island, Croaghan Flat, and other small islands can be found.
  • Mega Mountain is visible from miles away in clear weather

County Armagh Highlights

Armagh City is charmingly medieval in character, and offers opportunities to learn about all of Ireland’s history. The County Museum organizes the past into exhibits of antique clothing, tools, artwork and crafts from prehistoric to recent times

  • Enjoy a guided tour of the Palace Stables Heritage Centre and experience daily life as it was at an affluent demesne in 18th century Ireland
  • Explore the life of St. Patrick at St. Patrick’s Trian by studying the manuscripts of the Book of Armagh---written in 807 A.D.
  • Discover the wonders of the heavens at Armagh Planetarium
  • Return to earth on the shores of Lough Neagh, a sprawling fresh water lake teeming with fish, bird, and other animal and plant life

County Armagh History

County Armagh is known as the Seat of St. Patrick. He referred to it as “my sweet hill”.

  • Irish Christianity finds its focal point here in Armagh City , where two huge cathedrals, both named for the country’s patron saint, serve worshippers
  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral (Church of Ireland) was founded by the Saint himself
  • At the dawn of Christianity in Ireland, Armagh City was the capital of a large Ulster Kingdom, operated from ancient Navan Fort
  • Armagh’s prestige dissipated after Ulster fell in the 4th century, but St. Patrick did much to revive the county and make the city a true urban success
  • During the Plantation Period of the 17th century, English settlers arrived and left their unmistakable impressions on the area through architecture, economics and culture

The Troubles have figured prominently in the history of County Armagh, especially in the southern portion, where the people supported the IRA strongly in the face of the British military presence.

Popular Surnames from Armagh

Popular surnames associated with County Armagh include:

  • Callan
  • Donnelley
  • Hughes
  • Kelly
  • Murphy
  • O’Hanlon
  • O’Neill
  • Price
  • Quinn
  • Shannon
  • Wilson


Mullabrack, County Armagh. Image: GreyHobbit.[/caption]


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