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Croppies Grave

Inscription on one of the historic tree pieces at Croppies Grave. Croppies Grave is a pretty monument of national historic interest. Located in Carlow Town, a replica of an ancient Celtic high cross erected on the site of a sand pit, where bodies of where the bodies of slain Irish independence fighters were buried.

History of Croppies Grave

  • In 1798, while the struggle for Irish independence from England was waged, the Battle of Carlow was fought
  • In Carlow Town, young men known as United Irishmen cropped their hair in a gesture of solidarity before the fighting began
  • After the battle, 640 of them were buried in a mass grave, which can still be seen today
  • Two trees mark the spot, part of a trio planted by a widowed mother of three of the croppies
  • The third tree was shattered by a storm -- but its pieces remain and bear an inscription to commemorate the bravery and integrity of the croppies

Getting There

Croppies Grave is located in Carlow Town, near Carlow Town Park, which in turn is situated at the banks of the River Barrow, close to Bridge Street. From the park exit opposite the river, follow Ninety Eigth Street. The Croppies grave is in a small green area on the right hand side.


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