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Dun Uladh Cultural Heritage Centre

Located in Omagh, the main town of County Tyrone, the Dun Uladh (Doon Ull-ah) Cultural Heritage Centre was created to preserve and further the traditional Irish culture in 1995. Dun means fortress, and Uladh is the original Gaelic name for Ulster, the northern province of Ireland. The concept of the centre is to create a fortress for preserving Ireland's traditional music in the heart of Ulster.

The centre serves as the headquarters of Comhaltas Ceiltori (Ko-wall-tuss Kyol-toe-ree), meaning the Society of the Musicians of Ireland. The organisation has been promoting traditional Irish music, dance and culture since 1951, and has over 500 branches worldwide, including many branches in the USA and Canada.

Amateur mobile phone footage from a traditional Irish music event at the Dun Uladh

Uladh Centre regularly hosts traditional Irish music related events such as

  • Traditional Ceilis (Irish set dancing)
  • Sessions (informal traditional music gatherings)
  • Concerts
  • Live Traditional Music Performances
  • Workshops

This centre for musical and literary learning also houses a museum and a library.


Singer in the Dun Uladh Centre. Image by j.mcgaghran.

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