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Feakle Town

Feakle is a sleepy village in County Clare,  nestled within a diverse landscape made up of lakes, moors, the Sliabh Aughty Mountains and their valleys, which comes alive each year for its traditional music festival. The area is renowned for its association with the indigenous sport of hurling.


The name Feakle comes from the Gaelic an Fhiacail which means the tooth. Local legend says that the founder of Feakle was St. Mochonna. According to the story, he lost a tooth and then built a monastery at the spot where he lost it -- giving the community its name. The local protestant church still stands on the site of the alleged extraction.

Feakle Music Festival

 The main attraction in Feakle is its music

  • The Feakle International Traditional Music Festival is held here each year
  • Popular and on some years sold out, the festivals offering five days of music, dance, workshops, lectures, and competitions
  • Officially begun in 1988, the festival represents the outgrowth of Feakle’s centuries-long tradition of music, which progressed from house dances through pub sessions to its current form


Feakle village. Image: Wikimedia

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