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Gortin Glen Forest Park

Located on the western fringe of the scenic Sperrin Mountains, the trees at Gortin Glen Forest Park were planted with the purpose of producing coniferous trees for lumber. The on site tree farm distinguishes Gortin Glen from other facilities of its kind.

The park is one of a few in Ireland that maintains a drive through tour; a five mile long paved road through many breathtaking views.

There are several stopping areas where tourists can relax, enjoy the scenery and take photographs. The walking trail is posted with explanations of various sites along the path. Picnic areas are scattered through the forest at various points, and there are footpaths that twist and turn, leading visitors to some surprisingly beautiful locations.

Plant species include Sitka Spruce trees, purple bell heather, pink blossomed cross-leaf heather, and ling heather. Sitka deer also populate the area. The named paths include Nature Trail, Lady’s View Trail, and Gortin Burn Walk, a portion of which is connected to Ulster Way.

At the entrance to the walking portion of the park, there is an indoor exhibition centre and a few enclosures where visitors can observe wildlife at close range.

Gortin Glen Forest Park also maintains a play area for the enjoyment of the children as well as a souvenir shop for children of all ages.


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