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Located on Lough Derg, near the point where the River Shannon emerges, this small town is historic and quaint in nature.

History of Killaloe

  • Killaloe was the place where Brian Boru (940-1014), the beloved last High King of Ireland, was born and raised
  • His palace was located nearby at Kincora
  • Also of historical importance, Killaloe was the scene of a heroic raid led by Patrick Sarsfield in 1690
    • Accompanied by 800 men, they foiled an attack on Limerick planned by William of Orange
    • The locals infiltrated the ranks of William's army and destroyed the artillery

Annual Killaloe Music Festival

The local people celebrate the life of Brian Boru every year at Killaloe with a weekend festival of music and dance.

Things to Do in Killaloe

Other Killaloe attractions include:

  • The Killaloe Music Festival, held yearly in July, featuring Irish classical music. The festival takes place at St. Flannan's Cathedral, which was built in 1225 and features a unique Romanesque entranceway and an Ogham stone with ancient Nordic inscriptions. The music festival features The Irish Chamber Orchestra along with international guest conductors and musicians
  • The stone bridge from the 17th century that leads across the river to Killaloe's sister city, Ballina
  • The Brian Boru Heritage Centre, located in a former boathouse near the bridge. It provides information on the life and accomplishments of the last High King, along with details on a walking tour along Old Killaoe Canal
  • Killaoe is also a prime spot for fishing and boating


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