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Kilmore Quay

Perhaps the most striking and visually pleasing thing you’ll notice about the village of Kilmore Quay is the abundance of 18th and 19th century whitewashed cottages, replete with thatched roofs – many of which are available for rental. While the atmosphere here is peaceful and rural, you’ll find plenty of enriching and inspiring ways to spend your visit.

The Quay is the center of village life – here you can shop for locally created Irish crafts and art, and participate in events such as the annual seafood festival, held each July.

This village is rich in maritime history, as you’ll see when you visit the Kilmore Quay Maritime Museum aboard the Guillemot, an authentic lightship – the last existing vessel of its kind in all of Ireland – where the past is preserved. Step aboard and take a trip back in time.

Present day anglers appreciate the wide variety of popular species available in the waters off Kilmore Quay. Opportunities for deep-sea fishing trips are plentiful. Divers will enjoy interesting undersea sights, weave through myriad species of marine life, and explore an array of shipwrecks. Kilmore Quay is located 22 kilometres south of Wexford town, on the national secondary route R739.

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