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King House

On the shores of Boyle River sits the majestic King House, built in 1730 by Sir Henry King. It is an important icon of both period architecture and local history.

The King family moved to Rockingham in 1788, leaving the house to be used as a military barracks for the Connaught Rangers and later the Irish Army.

King House was restored in 1989 by local craftspeople to its original beauty. Impressive features include the main entrance and salon, as well as majestic vaulted ceilings. A large permanent exhibit at the house uses models and visual and sound effects to show what life was like at various stages in the history of the building.

The exhibit, called Kings of Connaught, is divided into four major topical areas: Kingdom of Connaught - traces history back to the times of kings and powerful clans.

The King Family – chronicles the influence of the family and descendants from the arrival of Sir John King at Boyle in 1603.

Restoration – this area of the display uses models to demonstrate the techniques used to restore an actual room and furnishings at King House.

The Military Years – this area depicts the lifestyle of members of the military who lived here from 1788 until the modern era.


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