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Limerick City

 This medieval fortress city began as a settlement for Danish Vikings in the 9th century at the head of the estuary of the River Shannon. As the centuries passed, it grew and expanded to become Ireland’s fourth largest city, partly due to its location at the intersection of several of the country’s most well travelled roadways. Today, Limerick City is a thriving industrial port city. Although it has acquired a reputation for dullness, that is mostly because of its depiction in the novel and movie Angela’s Ashes, by Frank Mc Court. Since the days of Angela, many renovations have been accomplished and Limerick City has become an attractive and modern area.

Top Things to See in Limerick City

Here are some of the main visitor attractions in Limerick city:

King John’s Castle


The Hunt Museum



The original Danish settlement was first chartered in 1197. The walled city built on St. John’s Island was known as “English Town”, with the area on the opposite bank called “Irish Town”. Limerick’s boundaries spread steadily southward as prosperity reigned during the Georgian era. These days, O’Connell Street forms the city’s main artery, proceeding along the river and connecting all its various parts. After the Battle of the Boyne, in 1691, William of Orange laid siege upon the Irish, who were encamped within the walled city. Three times, the siege stopped and started again. Subsequent peace talks produced the Treaty of Limerick, an attempt to guarantee religious tolerance that was never ratified. When the siege ended, many fighting men from the Limerick garrison left to join the French Army – they refused to be part of a Protestant force.



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