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Linen Hall Library

On the northwest corner of Donegal Square, opposite Belfast City Hall, sits the Linen Hall Library -- a private collection founded in 1788. The library is housed in a beautiful building designed by renowned architect and former mayor of Belfast, Charles Lanyon. The Linen Hall Library offers a variety of services, and prides itself on being a centre for culture and learning. It is FREE to visit and for public reference use (borrowing is restricted to members).

Quick Facts

  • The last private library in Ireland, Linen Hall is also the oldest library in the city of Belfast.
  • The interior is beautifully decorated by a variety of Belfast artworks, including paintings and prints, many of which are available for purchase
  • At more than 80,000 documents, the Linen Hall Library holds the most extensive collection of information on the Northern Irish Troubles

The Ghost of Linen Hall

One of Linen Hall's first librarians, Thomas Russell was hanged in 1803 for his involvement in an uprising. According to local legend, Russell's ghost now haunts the library.


Interior of Linen Hall. Image: Erin

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