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Longford Town

This quaint and picturesque little town in the Irish Midlands is the County Town of Longford and the centre of commerce for the surrounding area. It also serves as a base for visitors who come to enjoy the relaxing and invigorating attractions of the midlands region.

Longford Town, like so many other Irish towns and villages, had its beginnings as a monastic settlement. The community here was built by a follower of St. Patrick.

The name Longford comes from the Irish word for “Long Fort”, or Stronghold, and in its early days, Longford Town was indeed a stronghold. Its first castle was owned by the O’Farrell clan, major participants in the early history of the area. The original Dominican Friary that represented the first settlement here is no longer visible.

Quiet Longford Town became much busier in the 19th century when a nearby branch of the Royal Canal was built, followed by the railway that ran between Dublin and Sligo. But even today, it is known as a restful town on the Camlin River with a large surrounding area of countryside that it relatively free from excessive tourism.

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