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Loughs Agency and Riverwatch Aquarium

Located on Victoria Road in Derry City, this unique facility showcases the fish and wildlife resources of the region, particularly the River Foyle and the Carlingford Loughs. Visitors  to the Riverwatch Aquarium can enjoy aquatic life up close in the interactive exhibits, which are divided into different habitats, for example:

  • The lough exhibit includes lobsters, mussels, oysters, crabs to wrasse, eels and rays
  • The rockpool exhibit features hermit crabs, winkles, starfish, shrimp, limpets, anemones and blenny
  • The deep sea exhibit contains starfish different types of starfish, sea urchins and large whelks
  • The pond exhibit contains water boatmen, pond snails, freshwater shrimp and beetle larvae,  frogs and newts
  • The lakes exhibit  showcase bream, perch and Arctic Char
  • The river exhibit features trout and salmon, along with coarse fish and eels

Tip: Further along the Victoria Road, less than a kilometre from the aquarium, is the stately home Prehen House, which is also a popular visitor attraction.

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