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Lower Lough Erne

 The Lough Erne vicinity is filled with panoramic views, surrounded by wooded hillsides. The entire waterway is nearly 50 miles long, and its still, clear waters make it a paradise for boaters and fishermen. The area is steeped in history, as early settlers came here to enjoy the safety and tranquility of Lough Erne’s many inlets and the thick forests of its shores. Island castles dot the landscape, evidence of a strong population during the plantation period of Irish history.

Today, Lough Erne is widely recognized across Europe as a peaceful, clean and uncrowded waterway. Boaters and anglers as well as those who just enjoy observing the beauty of nature frequently visit it. Swans are common residents of the waterway, along with

Swans are common residents of the waterway, along with terns, scooters, and golden warblers, nightjars and sandpipers. They nest and breed on the shorelines and islands. Also common on sections of the lough are herons and great crested grebes. 

Species of fish include roach, bream, perch, eels, pike, trout and salmon. Wildflowers grow abundantly along the shorelines, interspersed with rocky areas, and woodlands. The inlets are surrounded with hills and caves enjoyed by hikers and nature explorers alike.

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