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Mitchelstown Cave

Located just east of Mitchelstown, this multi-cavern natural wonder is considered one of the most dramatic in all of Europe. It features stalactites and stalagmites, huge drip stone formations, and many fine columns, including a famous 30-foot high formation known as the Tower of Babel.

A guided tour winds its way through two caverns, called House of Lords and House of Commons, for a distance of nearly a half-mile. The columns, stalactites and stalagmites are created when limestone dissolved in rainwater accumulates inside the caves when the water evaporates. The process takes more than a thousand years to result in a complete formation.

The caves, discovered inadvertently by Michael Condon in 1833 as he quarried limestone, were on the property purchased by Timothy Mulcahy in 1875. The family has worked to preserve them ever since. The caverns have been lit electrically since 1972, and are accessible to the public daily.

Along the guided tour, visitors can see fossils reportedly 350 million years old, along with various plants native to the caverns.



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