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Mullingar Bronze and Pewter Centre

About Pewter

Pewter craft has been in existence for more than 800 years in Ireland, and it is still practised at Mullingar Bronze and Pewter Centre.

In the earliest times, pewter was popular for use in making candlesticks, cups, plates and other tableware. It was originally used mostly by the rich. Pewter objects were popular at castles and in homes of the powerful. As the craft spread, fine pewter was used by more common folk and in taverns and pubs. 

Visitors Centre and Gift Shop

At Mullingar Bronze and Pewter Centre, visitors can tour the facility and visit the workshop where fine pewter creations are still moulded and hand finished. Bronze items are also made, and gifts for every occasion are available in both pewter and bronze. 

Admission is FREE

The gift shop is open Monday through Saturday, while visitors can take self-guided tours of the workshops Monday through Friday. 

Official Site

For admission times and more details, see the official website:

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