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Multyfarnham Franciscan Friary

Renovated in 1976, the church at Multyfarnham Franciscan Friary encompasses portions of an original 15th century structure, such as the tower and nave. In 1827, the church was rebuilt around these older portions.

This friary represents the only building of the monastery to survive, as the chancel and domestic outbuildings have all disappeared.

The Franciscans started their community here in 1236, and the friary became a widely respected learning centre. Persecution made survival difficult, but the Franciscans stayed on and built the church, where they remained until the 1830s.

The Friary church today is a special place, situated in the pastoral midlands. It has a beautiful garden with outdoor statues of the Stations of the Cross.

Stained glass art created by Richard King commemorates the legendary Children of Lir, portrayed by four swans wearing necklaces. They are said to have spent 300 years as swans on nearby Lough Derravaragh. When they were finally made human again by St. Mochaomhog, they showed their age and did not survive for very long. They did, however, have enough time for the saint to baptize them into the Christian faith.


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