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Rowallane Garden

 Rowallane Garden is famous for its beautiful rhododendrons and simple but uniquely artistic arrangements of a wide variety of plants. The manor house on the grounds was built in 1861, and Reverend John Moore designed the gardens.

The entrance path to the house is surrounded by lush woodlands, decorated by various stone ornaments and cairns also designed by Rev Moore.

There are two walled gardens on the property, the outer and inner gardens. The outer garden is filled with hydrangeas and hostas, while the inner garden features herbs from an old kitchen garden as well as roses.

The grounds are ringed with wildflower meadows that contain many rare and beautiful orchids. The wooded areas are known for their breathtaking colors during the autumn season. A Victorian bandstand sets the scene for occasional summer concerts.

The original gardens were expanded upon by Hugh Armitage Moore (1873-1954), nephew of Rev John Moore. He was a plant collector and often imported rare specimens from worldwide sources, using many of them to enhance the beauty of the gardens.

Rowallane Garden enjoys a reputation for tasteful beauty because it is designed to exist in harmony with the surrounding environment. Its colorful displays vary with the season and the garden is a very peaceful place despite its popularity.


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