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Saint Eunan's Cathedral

With its 212-foot high spire, Saint Eunan's Cathedral towers over the town of Letterkenny, County Donegal. Especially beautiful at night when lit, the cathedral is fashioned in ornate Gothic style and was built in 1901 from white Donegal sandstone. William Hague of Dublin was the designer. The cathedral's interior features breathtaking ceiling art and mosaic floors created by Signor Amici of Rome, and the main and side altars are carved from Italian marble. Decorations on the nave arch are beautifully detailed, depicting the life and times of St. Eunan and St. Columba.

Visitors Tip:

Visitors should be respectful, as the cathedral is still very much in use as a Catholic church. Avoid entering during mass times unless attending mass (see official link below), and remain relatively silent when visiting during other times. 

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Saint Eunan's Cathedral. Image: mariejirousek

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