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St. Anne's Church and Shandon Bells Tower

This popular Cork City landmark, visible across the area, was built in 1722. Also called Shandon Church, its steeple holds eight distinctive bells of the same name, for which the poem by Francis Mahony was written.


  • St Anne's stone tower has a unique pepper-pot steeple with a golden ball and salmon-shaped weather vane at its apex
  • The tower also features a clock with a face on each side, which was known as the "four faced liar" until the different times displayed on each clock face were recently synchronized
  • The Cork football and hurling teams derived their colours from the church's walls of red limestone and sandstone
  • St Anne's is located next to Ferkin Crane, the 18th century butter market, and Shandon Craft Market
  • Visitors that climb the 120-foot tall tower can enjoy a chance to ring the bells out across the city as well as the panoramic views

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Shandon Bell Tower. Image by Jack Zalium.


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