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Aran Inspired

5 Tips for Glowing Skin During Winter

With winter swing, say hello to crisp fresh mornings, pale winter hues and cosy jumpers - all very beautiful and idyllic, but unfortunately these result in a change to our skins condition. Signs to look out for? Dullness, redness and dry patches.

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DIY Crown Bun Hair Tutorial

DIY Crown Bun Tutorial #hair #bun #tutorial If you were to ever run into me this autumn, there's a good chance I will be rocking this look. Being a wedding photographer, I'm constantly needing to find a look that is professional meets comfortable, while still being wedding attire appropriate. What I love most about this style is I can rest assure my hair won't be getting in my way or being wind blow into my face without having to sacrifice style.

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DIY Rose Bun Hair Tutorial

DIY Rose Bun Hair Tutorial #hair #tutorial #bun This hair tutorial is the perfect blend of feminine meets chic. This is one of those few styles that are so unique and intricate, but are still easy to style in every day life. My favorite way to style this look is with an edgier outfit, giving my look a lot of contrast.

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Simple Zombie Halloween Make Up

Create your own simple zombie look this Halloween! #halloween #makeup #beauty With Halloween just around the corner, it’s hard to figure out what you want to be. I love Halloween but I don’t like the idea of having to rush out to get a last minute costume or buy extra make up just to complete my look so I created a very simple zombie Halloween make up look which is easy to do and only used make up I already owned.

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DIY Braided Fishtail Braids Tutorial

It's completely easy to make your hair look stylish for fall. #beauty #fashion #hairThere is something special about fall fashion. I love everything there is to love about fall wardrobes; from the sweaters to the jackets, from the scarves to the boots. But what really makes fall fashion so fun to wear and style is the endless possibilities of adding layers. With that being the case, when it comes to layers, why stop with your wardrobe?!

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