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Aran Inspired

The Céide Fields

The Céide (pronounced kay-ja) Fields at Ballycastle in Mayo are the oldest known field system in the world. At least five and a half thousand years old, the fields consisted of large tracts of land enclosed by stone walls. The Céide Fields are recognised by archaeologists worldwide as demarcating a significant milestone in the evolution of agriculture. The Céide Fields are still being excavated -- the site is over 10 square kilometers, with some of the walls running to two kilometers long. The overall site is expected to be much larger when fully excavated. Other remains uncovered or part-uncovered from the peat blanked include houses, megalithic tombs and other stone materials.

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Ashford Castle

Ashford Castle is a stunning building and grounds set near the quiet rural village of Cong, County Mayo -- the shooting location of everyone's favourite olden-days Irish movie, The Quiet Man starring John Wayne. While the original 13th-century castle on this site has had several complete makeovers, the current building dates from the early 18th century, when a local family of wealthy Anglo-Irish landowners, the Brownes, decided to turn it into a French style chateau. The Brownes' crest of arms -- two double-headed eagles -- is still visible carved into the castle's structure today.

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