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What to See in Dublin in a Day

Do you only have one day to see the sights of Dublin? Whether you're on a business trip, a city break, a shore excursion, a bus tour or just passing through, we've put together a great itinerary of places to see during your one-day visit to Dublin. We haven't included them, but here are plenty of places for coffee and lunch along this route. Stephen's Green is a beautiful urban park is an oasis of calm in the city centre, and also one of Dublin's oldest Georgian squares. In Trinity College, it's like stepping through the arch of Ireland's oldest college is like stepping back in time. Take a walk around the grounds and admire the magnificent architecture. Inside the library is Trinity's most famous exhibit, the Book of Kells.

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Are There Any Travel Blogs About Ireland?

Here are some of the best blogs about Ireland, or by writers in Ireland, that I've been able to find. is packed with great articles about what to see and do in Ireland, one of the best features of the Irish Fireside blog are its excellent podcasts, which consistently ranks among the iTunes TOP 100., in March 2010, San Franciscan Clare Kleinedler moved from Los Angeles to Drogheda, and later to Dublin and this is her blog. is not your typical blog, this winner at the 2012 Irish Blog awards looks at the everyday architecture on the streets of Ireland's capital city. is for those interested who want Irish recipes with their blog. is the official blog of the Irish tourist board -- it's kept up-to-date with  good posts by different writers.

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What are the 32 Counties of Ireland?

Ireland is divided into geographic regions called counties. There are 32 counties on the island. The Republic of Ireland comprises 26 counties, while Northern Ireland accounts for the remaining 6 counties. Counties in Ireland are bound up with identity. Many Irish people, particularly those in rural areas, are fiercely proud of their county of birth. Inter-county rivalry is very strong in the Republic of Ireland, and among nationalists in Northern Ireland. This rivalry is often expressed through sport, especially through the native games of Gaelic football and hurling.

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Is St. Valentine Buried in Dublin?

He's not actually buried in Dublin, but the bones of Saint Valentine can be found in Whitefriar Street Church, Dublin. The human remains of Saint Valentine were gifted to an Irish Carmelite priest, Father Spratt in the sixteenth century by Pope Gregory after the pope was impressed by one of Father Spratt's speeches. The relics arrived in a sealed casket accompanied with a letter of certification from the pope, still held by the Carmelites. The letter says the casket contains the remains of Saint Valentine, which were removed especially from a cemetery in Rome.

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Can I Play Golf in Ireland?

Can you play golf in Ireland??? Can a bear s**t in the forest?! ! Hell, yes! (If your wife lets you.) Golf is a popular pastime in Ireland – the island boasts over 400 courses, a many of which are internationally renowned for their quality. International tournaments that have been played in Ireland including the European open and the Ryder Cup. Ireland is a paradise for lovers of links courses. The abundance of courses helps explain why the country has produced so many top golfers, including Rory McIlroy, Padraig Harrington and Graeme McDowell, all of whom have won U.S. majors.

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Is Ireland Good for Surfing?

You betcha! It may be chillier and windier than southern California, but Ireland gets large, sometimes monstrous, Atlantic waves. The rugged coastal regions in the west and north, along with the southern Irish shore, revel in the powerful impact of the waves of the mighty Atlantic as they make their way toward the more serene shorelines of Europe, providing excellent conditions for surfers from around the world. In summer, they flock to the beaches at Portstewart Strand, widely recognized as one of Ireland's top spots for powerful surf.

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What is the Fishing like in Ireland?

Ireland's offers some of the best fishing in the world. The abundant waterways of Ireland provide scenic and challenging venues for avid fisherman from all over the world on a year round basis. Consider booking a specialist Angling Bed and Breakfast for your group or family, or yourself, as the owners will have the local angling knowledge that will help you in your fishing adventure. Many of these fine fishing-dedicated B&Bs are located very close to Ireland’s prime fishing lakes and rivers. You’re bound to enjoy the camaraderie of the other guests as well.

  • Licences and permits are required for certain fishing situations, such as when you fish for salmon. Be sure to tag and log your fish as required.

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Is Horseback Riding Popular in Ireland?

Yes, horses, horse riding, breeding and racing occupy a place at the very heart of Irish history. Down through the centuries, horses have carried warriors into battle, pulled the ploughs of the country's farmers in the fields as well as the carriages of nobility in the streets of Ireland's cities. Even today, horses remain a vital part of country as a popular interest among visitors. Whether you choose a fully-equipped equestrian holiday at one of the many comfortable resorts in Ireland, such as Castle Leslie, where riders stay at the lodge and take lessons, ride trails and participate in jumping competitions; or you wish to make horse riding just one activity of many in your overall Irish vacation, you'll find a diverse range of activities to make your visit complete.

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Is Ireland Good for Cycling?

OMG yes! It's as if Ireland's landscape was created for cyclists! The gently sloping hills and glorious flat roads connect a perfectly spaced collection of cities, towns and villages. Country paths and dramatic seaside vistas attract cyclists of all levels of dedication, from beginner to seasoned enthusiast. Rental shops are plentiful all around the island the island, and you can ride at will on a daily basis and choose your destinations spontaneously, or plan a well structured tour that combines beautiful scenery with popular attractions such as historic castles, churches, museums, working farms, parks, museums, and of course, pub stops for rest and refreshment.

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Is Ireland a Good Place for a Walking Holiday?

Yes! If you like walking in the open air, you'll love the panoramic paths, magical mountain trails and historic country roads of Ireland. Walkers gain a more intimate experience of Ireland than, for example, those on a city break. When surveyed, they often report a more satisfying visiting experience. With around thirty very popular trails marketed by the Irish Tourist Board, and countless small rural treks to choose from, you be spoiled for choice if you want to engage in Irish sightseeing on foot. Villages and towns are conveniently spaced so that cross country walkers are able to reach lodging and dining facilities each evening.

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