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Can I Visit Ireland with a Dog or Cat?

Yes, providing your dog or cat meets the regulations listed. Make sure your pet is at least three months old has a microchip ID, has a rabies vaccination, has a follow-up blood at least three after the vaccination, to ensure it is successful, has a European PETS passport (the vaccination is a precondition) and has been treated for dog for tick and tapeworm. There are a number of hotels in Ireland that allow pets -- you need to check the individual hotel website to be sure.

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Is Ireland a Good Place for a Honeymoon?

Ireland is a serenely beautiful country. Ireland-lovers are drawn by its natural beauty and -- outside of Dublin, the capital city -- its calm solitude. This peacefulness is found in Ireland's natural environment -- from trickling hillside springs to glorious bays and beaches, but also in its people, and their slower, more relaxed pace of life. When you come to Ireland, you can experience this natural beauty, this serenity, up close. Whether you'd like to spend your honeymoon in a genuine medieval castle, or visit a 5,000 year old farm -- you can do all of this in Ireland.

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What Adventure Sports Can I Do in Ireland?

Most adventure sports are best enjoyed during the season from March through October, with the exception of caving. Check with local organizations for more information about your favourite adventure sports - kayaking and canoeing, hang gliding and paragliding competitions and festivals are held throughout the season -- and you may want to enter, or to attend as a spectator.

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What is the Difference Between Ireland and America?

Everyone speaks English -- well, sort of. It's not the Irish brogue that Americans are familiar with from screen adaptations such as Tom Cruise in Far and Away. Irish people speak with an unvarnished Irish accent -- more precisely, Irish accents, as there are many regional accents throughout the island. One of many problems that the Irish inherited from the British is that, unlike most European countries, the Irish drive on the "wrong" side -- i.e. the left side. Automatic cars are rare -- the vast majority of Irish cars are stick shift.

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Why are There so Many Irish in America?

Hundreds of thousands of Ireland’s puritan Ulster Scots were among the first groups to settle in America during the 17th and 18th centuries. Large waves of Irish Catholics then arrived in the 19th and 20th centuries. The Great Potato Famine (1841 – 1851), which saw Ireland’s population decline by 2 million, also contributed greatly to immigration. The Irish were one of the largest group of settlers to first populate America between the mid-1600s to the early 1800s. This first wave of Irish arrivals were known as Scots-Irish, or Ulster Scots – their recent ancestors (e.g. parents, grandparents or great-grandparents) had lived in Scotland, having taken up Queen Elizabeth’s request to become settlers in the northern part of Ireland, today known as Northern Ireland.

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Is Ireland a Nice Place to Visit?

For some, Ireland is the most beautiful country in the world, regardless of its weather. Most return visitors to Ireland say that the friendliness of the Irish people is what made their experience great. There is no doubt that Ireland has beautiful, soul-lifting, scenery. But this scenery comes at a price -- rain, lots of it, keeps the country greener than anywhere on the planet. You won't definitely see rain on your vacation -- Ireland has many fine summer days. But it helps to think of Irish sunshine as a bonus, not the default.

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What are the Most Interesting Places to Visit in Ireland?

Ireland may be a relatively small island, but it has a long, rich history and a modern, vibrant, English-speaking Eurozone economy, with particularly close social and economic ties to both the US and the UK. This unique combination gives it no shortage of interesting places to visit. As with any tourist destination, what you will find interesting will depend on what kind of experience you enjoy. For shopping, nightlife and general sightseeing, try Ireland's towns and cities. Ireland is famous for its castles. They also have landscapes and scenic routes.

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What Kind of Food Do They Have in Ireland?

Living in the United States, you can be forgiven for believing that Irish people only eat potatoes, cabbage and corned beef!  An old staple of Irish hotels and B&Bs is the full Irish breakfast. This usually consists of a mixture of eggs (scrambled or fried), sausages, toast and bacon. For meat-lovers, menu options featuring beef or lamb are generally to be recommended. Some typical examples of what might be on a pub’s lunchtime menu are filled tortilla wraps, all sorts of hot (toasted) and cold sandwiches made to order, homemade vegetable soup, chowder made with local seafood, chicken wings, Fish Goujons and other “finger food”, homemade burger with fries, thai Salad, caesar Salad, breast of chicken in curry sauce and cottage pie.

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Dublin City

Dublin, the capital city of Ireland, is the most popular arrival city for international visitors to Ireland. Not renowned for its architectural beauty, Dublin is however popular for its vibrant nightlife, its warm and friendly people, and its wide range of tourist attractions. Dublin is the heartbeat of Irish life. Almost a quarter of all Irish people -- roughly 1.4 million -- live in the greater Dublin area.

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How to Visit Ireland on $90 a Day

Let's face it, travelling to Europe is expensive. Leaving aside the exorbitant sum you'll have to pay for your flight, you may look at the remainder of your vacation savings and ask -- can I really afford to go to Ireland? I've been spending all day doing some calculations. And I believe you can realistically have a nice vacation in Ireland, including accommodation and good food, with a budget of $90 US dollars per day. Actually, I'm assuming a budget of €79.50 euros per day which equates to $90 US dollars at the time of writing. With the dollar steadily gaining on the euro, your budget may increase thanks to global economics.

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