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Taghmon Church / St. Munna's Church

Located in a village with the charming name of Crookedwood, near Lough Derravaragh in county Westmeath, the Church of Taghmon, this 14th century church is a relatively well-preserved ruin. It is a fortified church, making it appear more of a castle than a building of prayer. The church is also known as St. Munna's Church, and the old Gaelic name for the castle Tigh-Munna means "house of Munna". 


The church is also notable for its Sheela-na-Gig -- a gargoyle like architectural flourish, found mainly in Ireland (but also in Britain), depicting a female form displaying an exaggeratedly large vulva. 

Ring Fort

Close to the castle is an ancient ring fort, or circular shaped earth work. These are found throughout Ireland and typically date to the Iron Age. To this day, the are sometimes referred to colloquially as "fairy forts". 

Crookedwood House

Also in the village, Crookedwood House, formerly a rectory, is now a comfortable restaurant. With guest rooms and a breathtaking view of the lake, it is noted for its delicious and unusual culinary creations.

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