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The Ballintubber Abbey Experience

 Ballintubber Abbey is located along the Tochar Phadraig (St. Patrick’s causeway) a pilgrim path dating back to ancient times. Originally, the path functioned as a chariot road traveled by the Kings and Queens of Connaught. It became known as the path of St. Patrick after he used it to ascend to Croagh Patrick, or the Saint’s Holy Mountain, where he was known to go to fast and pray. 

In the 15th century, after religious pilgrimages to the Holy Land in Jerusalem ceased, the path of St Patrick became a popular route for Christian pilgrims. In fact, the abbey at Ballintubber was built complete with a hostel for travelers that included a bath facility.

The arrival of the Penal Times stopped the pilgrimages, but in 1987, the path was restored and scores of Christians come each year to walk the path of St. Patrick.

In addition to walking the pilgrim’s path, the Ballintubber Abbey Experience also offers visitors a video presentation of the tumultuous history of the area. Devotional aspects include Rosary Way and the Stations of the Cross, where religious settings and events of importance are portrayed on the grounds using statuary and landscaping. Summer retreats are held annually, and are integrated with Celtic themes.


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