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The Blue Pool

 The Blue Pool, which is located along the Cloghereen Blue Pool Walk, is sometimes overlooked among the numerous natural attractions located in and around Killarney and the Ring of Kerry.

Visitors are pleasantly surprised by the quiet beauty of this nature sanctuary: a clear, still, horseshoe-shaped pool of water. Most alluring is the pool's unique shade of greenish blue, courtesy of the limestone and other rocks that line its bottom.

The easy and enjoyable access provided by the walk is enhanced by its deep forest aura of enchantment. The area is also home to fish, birds and other wildlife that roams freely through its forests. Particularly enchanting are the colorful kingfishers, who are drawn by the plentiful trout supplies.

Getting There

The Blue Pool is located within Killarney National Park, just a few miles from Killarney town.  Taking the N71 from Killarney, turn left at Molly Darcy's pub on Muckross Road.

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