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Located along the banks of the beautiful River Boyne, Trim is a tiny town containing many heritage sites and well preserved ruins dating back to the medieval period. 

Fortification walls were erected along the perimeter of Trim at the direction of King Edward III in 1359, and Trim became an important settlement. It also became a centre for government when several 15th century parliamentary assemblies gathered there. Oliver Cromwell eventually attacked the town, and many citizens were murdered in the resulting takeover.

The town’s name is derived from Baile Atha Troim, which is Irish for ‘town of the ford of the alder trees.’

This historical and scenic area of Trim, including Trim Castle, was used for a portion of the filming of Braveheart in 1994-95. The scenes that portray events at York Castle actually feature Trim Castle as the backdrop.

Trim is located some 25 miles from Dublin and has received Heritage Town designation from Bord Failte. It was traditionally the County Town of Meath, although the administrative functions have now been moved to Navan.

Trim had its beginnings, as so many Irish towns did, with the formation of a monastery. St. Loman, who was a nephew of St. Patrick, founded the religious community here.

During the 1465 Parliament held at Trim, laws against the brutal robberies that were prevalent at the time were passed, with beheading designated as the punishment. Heads were displayed on pikes after the executions as a deterrent to the public. In fact, ten of the headless bodies were found in 1971 during an excavation near the castle.


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